Riverton > Aparima river bridge (73km, 3h45)

Hey, the little family :-). Sally, Dene and Kaia their grandson. I had a really good time with you guys :-) Thank you for your kindness and everything. I could stay longer but the time is fast and I must head north now. Thank you very much!

So, I’m on the road again and the weather is not too bad today.

Those small “houses” (Sally told me the Maori name but I don’t remember, shame on me) are using by fishermen. They fish a small fish big as a thumb. There is plenty of them on the west coast. I will try maybe.

The road is straight.


And I have a break :-)

Punk rock sheep ;-)

Thank you Sally for the meal you gave me. I’ve got food for two days!

Fiou! I’ve done more than 70km and it’s start raining. I’ve been asking to a woman if I could find a place to stay for the night and she told me there was a place for free before the bridge. I found it and I’m going to sleep under that one! Dry comfortable place :-). Good night!

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