Riverton > Invercargill (return) + visit around with Sally

Since yesterday, I’ve got a toothache getting stronger and stronger. I’m a bit worried and Sally propose me to go with her to Invercargill. She has to do some things and it’s a good opportunity for me. We took a rendez vous. I just have to find the place. Thank you Sally :-)



I’m now walking toward the dentist and there is big mushrooms all around.

Cute house. I always like houses without fences around. Dentist I finished! It was only an infection but nothing with the wisdom tooth. Ouf! I can sleep quietly now :-)

I’m now in Queens park. Sally told me that I should be able to see all the birds of new Zealand. Until now I’ve not seen so much…

The Kaka

That’s the one :-)

The kea, the famous bird which like caoutchouc.

Here it is.

The Weka from Stewart island

They move all the time. But poor birds they are in such a small cage.

The Kakariki

Beautiful colours :-)

I’m now going out of the park to join Sally to the car park.

Invercargill is grey with all those clouds.

The old water tower.

Then we came back to Riverton and I’m now with Sally going out with the dogs.

There is a good view of Riverton from here :-)

Closer look :-)

Sally and Dene live there :-)

Oh, clouds are coming again.

Time to come back. See ya!