Wat Tanod Luang, visit, blog and unexpected show


We decided to stay one full day here. The place is good, the dogs are okay, we have electricity, water and free food offered by the community. The same woman we met yesterday came back this morning and guided us throught the temple. Unfortunately we did not understand a word of what she was saying about all we have seen. After that, she pointed again that same building where we ate yesterday night. Even a guy came along and told us “come come, eat”. “ok, ok, no problem”. After lunch, we spent the afternoon working on our blog. For dinner we walked outside the temple looking for a local restaurant. There was nothing than a tiny supermarket where we could buy noodles and others cookies. During we were cooking our dinner, we’ve noticed some activity nearby. The music was loud and it looked like they installed a kind of theatre. It’s the kind of theatre where they use shadowed characters to tell a story. I’ve never seen one in live before. Very interesting :-)

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Ao Nang > Railay beach return (by boat)


Today we planned to visit Railay beach which is not far away. It’s actually the next one after Ao Nang beach. The only way to access to it is by long-tail boat. We paid 200 Baht return as the trip is really short. Once on the other side, we have visited the area and discover a lagoon that is hard to access to. Then we spent some time in the water and swam around this big limestone rock.

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Nopparat Thara beach, visit


Nopparat Thara beach is the neighbour of Ao Nang beach. This place is not as busy, has less tourists shops and many more cheaper place where to enjoy Thai food. On the beach, during low tide, there is thousand of tiny crustaceans that we don’t even notice at first. This is not why we came here but that took most of my attention until the end of the day.

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Singapore, East Coast to North Singapore, Thai Temple


Second day spent with the Thai cyclists. During their trip they rely a lot on temples. Thailand has a lot of them apparently. They provide free food and accommodation for anyone. Singapore has its lot of temples too. Tonight we will sleep in one of them. This is going to be my first time. This afternoon the temple surroundings were occupied by huge tents and other installations. Hundreds of Chineses were here for the celebration. Again, for the first time I’m enjoying a festival like this one. Lots of discoveries today :-)

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Candidasa > Candidasa (4km by walk)


Today we went to do some snorkeling at the “Blue Lagoon”, this is how they call it. My feeling is that this area is still in a recovery stage as there is a lot of broken coral but some of them look okay. We must bargain with the only boat driver who came to us this morning. Actually a guy is charging to find the tourists and bargain for a price and then he call the driver with who he shares the money :-) Like often he told us “shut, don’t tell this price to anyone because I did a special price for you”. Yeah, yes naturally. Thanks for that ;-) We know it a game and no matter which price he will still earn some money. Keep your breath, we dive now :-)

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Upper Mongogarie, water supply system, fourth try


Today is the third day we are working on that pump water system. We are going to try to put a buffer water tank between the pumps and see what’s happen. We test, build, test again, modify. It’s not working yet but it’s very interesting. As I said yesterday, we sorted all the pipe connections and it’s a pleasure to go and chose what we want or need.

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