Wat Tanod Luang, visit, blog and unexpected show


We decided to stay one full day here. The place is good, the dogs are okay, we have electricity, water and free food offered by the community. The same woman we met yesterday came back this morning and guided us throught the temple. Unfortunately we did not understand a word of what she was saying about all we have seen. After that, she pointed again that same building where we ate yesterday night. Even a guy came along and told us “come come, eat”. “ok, ok, no problem”. After lunch, we spent the afternoon working on our blog. For dinner we walked outside the temple looking for a local restaurant. There was nothing than a tiny supermarket where we could buy noodles and others cookies. During we were cooking our dinner, we’ve noticed some activity nearby. The music was loud and it looked like they installed a kind of theatre. It’s the kind of theatre where they use shadowed characters to tell a story. I’ve never seen one in live before. Very interesting :-)


Back to this morning. This is where we sleep, under this big building.


This is the door of the temple with the twelve chinese signs on it.


That’s the front side. This temple is a bit particular. The main temple has the classic design but it has been built on a platform which has the shape of a boat. You will see what I mean later.


Very detailed front.


Our guide even opened the door to show us how does it look inside.


That’s behind us. A huge boat sinks in an ocean of dragons.


On the two longer walls there is plenty of carving made in wood and painted in gold.


The details are great.


Back outside, the header of the doors are very impressive to.


We can see a bit better the boat shape of the platform.


That’s even more obvious here.


Or like this. That’s a bit fancy to me.


Still, that’s the place where we sleep.


As I’ve mentioned in the introduction the community organised a “shadow theatre” tonight. I don’t know how to call it exactly.


Only few people are watching it. It must not be that special for them. I guess this is not the first time they see one contrary to us.


Enjoying the show :-)


The story goes on and I’ve not idea what they are talking about. People laugh some time to time but why? No idea. Here looks like a policeman talking to someone else. Is that funny? It might be if I had some subtitles.


Some different characters.


At some point, there is lots of them.


The last character for the night. Well, we left the place before the end because without understanding a word of that stiry it’s not that interesting. More than that, I still have so much work to do on my blog.

Here a short video of the show which gives you a good idea of the atmosphere.

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