Tambon Watthana Nakhon, Thailand > National Road 6, Cambodia (90km)


Finally crossing the border from Thailand to Cambodia! The road did not changed that much across the border. Cambodia is very flat too so it’s very easy to travel. I’m going to miss the comfortable Amazon cafes which I’ve used during the last month. But that’s fine, a new adventure is coming :-) How Cambodia is going to look? I’ll find out soon.

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Amazon cafe > Wang Tha Chan (61km)


I’m not really into taking pictures these days. I haven’t done any extraordinary things since I came back in Thailand. The last night was okay, surprisingly not too noisy. I’ve found a spot at the back of the petrol station with trees and grass (as you can see). Yesterday, during I was setting up my camp, a woman passed by so I told her I was going to camp here just one night. I don’t really know if she was agree or not but nobody came to kick me out, fortunately :-) This morning, I packed everything and came back to the same Amazon cafe. I stayed there all day and cycled later this evening with a bit a night cycling too.

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Si Dong Yen > Ban Suk Ruthai (74km)


Wow, I don’t know what happened today. I felt I was in Singapore again. The haze was very thick, I saw lots of people wearing masks. Today the road was much easier than yesterday certainly because I’ve stayed on the main road which is in the valley. This evening I wanted to sleep under the roof of a huge open hangar but the woman I asked the permission to offered me a room with a bed for the night. Thanks!

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In Buri > Wat Sri Sitthikaram (59km)


Today we have been cycling on the two opposite roads. We started the day with very remote path and finished in along the highway (using the bicycle lane). A part that, not anything special. We did not visit any particular places (that will be for tomorrow :-). This evening we were stopped by the river. In fact, tomorrow morning we will catch a ferry to cross the Chao Phraya River.

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Port Augusta > Ranges View Rest Area (65km, 3h)


Today is the day! Yes I’ve said that before :-) I’m cycling in the Australian desert for the first time and it’s great. Maybe I won’t say that in a couple of weeks. Thanks TSM for your precious help one more time! I’ve spent almost all my credit already haha. Lots of pasta, bread, nuts, dry fruits, super powder, sugar, sugar and… sugar :-) Ah and I’ve forgot, sugar as well!

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