Glendambo > Bon Bon Rest Area (85km, 4h30)


Today, I’m continuing this great adventure in the desert :-) I’ve got about 250km to reach Coober Pedy, the next big city which is far doable. I know there is two Rest Area with rainwater tank every 80km which is far doable. The wind is still against me. It’s light but it’s here. Anyway, I’ll make it.

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Pimba > Glendambo (114km, 6h40)


Hey, this is my third day cycling in the Australian desert. Unfortunately, for the second day in a row the wind is against me. It’s not a strong wind though but always a bit annoying. Looking at the map yesterday I realized that Pimba is on the top of a hill. And, I will spend all my day going up hill again. Regards the sightseeing, there is still some salted lakes around today and I got water at Lake Hart rest area (40km from Pimba), nice!

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Port Augusta > Ranges View Rest Area (65km, 3h)


Today is the day! Yes I’ve said that before :-) I’m cycling in the Australian desert for the first time and it’s great. Maybe I won’t say that in a couple of weeks. Thanks TSM for your precious help one more time! I’ve spent almost all my credit already haha. Lots of pasta, bread, nuts, dry fruits, super powder, sugar, sugar and… sugar :-) Ah and I’ve forgot, sugar as well!

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