Amazon cafe > Wang Tha Chan (61km)


I’m not really into taking pictures these days. I haven’t done any extraordinary things since I came back in Thailand. The last night was okay, surprisingly not too noisy. I’ve found a spot at the back of the petrol station with trees and grass (as you can see). Yesterday, during I was setting up my camp, a woman passed by so I told her I was going to camp here just one night. I don’t really know if she was agree or not but nobody came to kick me out, fortunately :-) This morning, I packed everything and came back to the same Amazon cafe. I stayed there all day and cycled later this evening with a bit a night cycling too.

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Ban Nong Bua Khok > Ban Kok Lurk (54km)


Today is the last day I’m cycling on a “quiet” road. It’s not quiet all day, there is still some big trucks but mainly it’s still enjoyable. I’m approaching the highway I left at Khon Kaen by doing a detour. Even before this city, when I was cycling on that same highway, the traffic was very light and the road very wide. There was no really big cities too so I didn’t feel I should absolutely another way. There was a lot of Amazon Café along this road too. But of course I’m getting closer and closer to Bangkok and the traffic density is increasing. It’s like a funnel and I can not really avoid it unless I do a huge detour. Anyway, I’ve got about 80km of highway coming, so in two days I will be able to get out of the traffic. Let’s enjoy this last “quiet” day then :-)

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Yarragon > Pakenham (66km, 3h50)


Baaah! Such a bad day… I feel I will never arrive to Melbourne. This morning, a thick layer of clouds was covering the sky but no rain. I was finishing my breakfast in my tent when few drops appeared. Oups! It’s time to pack as fast as possible. 15 minutes later I was ready to go but the rain intensified itself until I was soaking wet. My shoes add two swimming pool filled with cold rainwater and my waterproof gear (Jacket + pant) doesn’t last long under the rain… After 30 minutes cycling I could fill the water coming through. Then I’m stuck in Yarragon and hope the weather to get better…
Finally around 5pm, the rain stopped or at least reduced and I hit the road again expecting to do as much as possible and avoid to have 100km to cycle tomorrow! I’m ready to cycle at night for a bit.

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