Si Dong Yen > Ban Suk Ruthai (74km)


Wow, I don’t know what happened today. I felt I was in Singapore again. The haze was very thick, I saw lots of people wearing masks. Today the road was much easier than yesterday certainly because I’ve stayed on the main road which is in the valley. This evening I wanted to sleep under the roof of a huge open hangar but the woman I asked the permission to offered me a room with a bed for the night. Thanks!





I know this is still my hammock without me inside but I don’t know how to take a picture of myself when I’m inside. The timer of my camera is too short for this. I would have to jump quickly into into it but I’m afraid I would damaged it. It’s already half broken now…
Anyway, last night I slept very comfortably. I used my sleeping bag and it was perfect. Nobody came around to have a party so it was fine. Let’s pack and go.


The haze this morning is very thick. Two days ago, when I was going to reach a temple, I saw far a away, in the dark, something that look like a forest fire. That must be the cause.


This morning, the road is flat again.


The view would be certainly better without that thick layer of smoke.


In Thailand, people love stopping on bridges. I noticed that many times. I was going to take this picture just when this guy stopped front of me to use his phone. Could you do that somewhere else that just front of me? Well, that’s fine.


Around 11am, I stopped along the road to have lunch. I chose my favourite meal : Pad see Ew. This is a meal with large flat rice noodles with some chopped meat, chinese broccoli, sugar and other spices. I especially like the elastic texture of the noodles :-) You can find this meal almost everywhere in Thailand. It’s very popular.


After lunch, I thought I would stay at the restaurant to work a bit on my laptop. When I arrived, I was the first customer, but when I left, the restaurant was packed. So I decided to keep on going for a little while until I would find a nice place where to rest and maybe do my blog. This spot looked good enough to me :-) I slept but did not have the courage to write my adventure. That will be for the next time.


Around 3:30pm, I hit the road again. This place looks like a fancy temple. I’ve never seen the first statue with multiple arms. This might be a local culture. I don’t know.


The road is still pretty easy this afternoon but I know I will have to go across a pass at a certain time. I will leave that for tomorrow morning.


When I reached that village and saw that huge hangar that is front of me now. I thought it would be a good spot for the night. I stopped there for a while before I asked to a woman who lives at the back of it (on my right side, out of the frame) if I could stay here overnight. She agreed. Later on, one of her friend came and told me I should sleep inside. She left to get the keys, came back again and opened the door of this unused house for me.


She showed me around, the toilets, the shower, the water…


And the bed. Then she left again, and came back with a pillow and the sheets for the bed. Wow! I did need all of that luxury but thank you :-) Tonight I will definitely be working on my blog. I can even charge my electronics, nice! Good night!

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  1. I like rice noodle dish, too. looks good especially with the lime!
    Lucky to have a comfy bed… Is it long enough for your height?

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