Ban Suk Ruthai > Tha Khao Plueak (64km)


I know it, today I’m going to push my bike. Last night was quite comfortable, I had a good sleep and I’m now ready to cross that pass. Once done, the rest of the day should be quite easy. Late this afternoon I stopped in a small town and slept in a market place.





My stuff is ready to go but I’ve been invited for breakfast.


As you can see that woman lives very close from where I slept last night.


She gave me some coffee, some tea, some banana and some biscuits. Thank you!


Nice shape :-)


I’m now on the road. This road leads directly to the hill.


Few! The hill I’m in now is quite steep. This must be more than 10%. Sometimes I can do it, some others I’m walking. I’m finally on the top. It took me maybe 20 to 30min to get up there. A driver who saw me was waiting for me at the top. He wanted to put my bicycle in his truck and drive me further somewhere. That’s my goal to cycle but thank you :-)


I’ve stopped a bit further to take a picture of the landscape but this dog doesn’t seem to like this.


Rah, go away! Shut up!


The view from the top.


There is a village here. This stone wall looks pretty old and authentic.


Wider view.


Finally it looks like the downhill is coming.


Like yestersay, the haze is still well present.


That’s behind me.


Nice hill.


Once I’ve been enough down the hill, I looked for a place where to have lunch. This place is very nice, the food delicious and naturally the price delicious too :-)


Finally, around 3:30pm, I hit the road again.


I’ve reached the main road again and left it as fast as I got onto it. I’m now following a narrow road again.


Wow! That place looks impressive.


That’s a huge fat Buddha. A Chinese Buddha? Looks like Chinese written under him.

That’s it for today. 5 minutes later, I saw a temple and asked if I could sleep overnight but the monk refused. I don’t know if he misunderstood me or simply he did not wanted me to sleep here. Anyway, I kept on cycling a bit more until I reached a small village and stopped at a market hall not far from the road. Nobody came to bother me so the night should be peaceful. See ya.

2 thoughts on “Ban Suk Ruthai > Tha Khao Plueak (64km)

  1. I like the rice basket, looks like that is sticky rice. yum.

    It is a surprise to see the strong Chinese influence in such a country side.

  2. C’est un bouddha sumo, ou alors les mac do ont envahi la Thaïlande depuis longtemps !! En tous cas le temple est balaise !

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