In Buri > Wat Sri Sitthikaram (59km)


Today we have been cycling on the two opposite roads. We started the day with very remote path and finished in along the highway (using the bicycle lane). A part that, not anything special. We did not visit any particular places (that will be for tomorrow :-). This evening we were stopped by the river. In fact, tomorrow morning we will catch a ferry to cross the Chao Phraya River.

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Wat Ban Kruat > Wat Pho Kao Ton (56km)


Today we visited a market called the 100 Years Rim Nam Market. We did not plan to visit it, that’s someone at the temple where we slept last night who recommended us. We had to make a small detour only and enjoy some tiny roads. After that we have been cycle all the way without visiting any special place until the end of the day. The last visit was a memorial called Kai Bang Rachan that commemorates the battle against the Burmese (again).

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Wat Khun Krai > Wat Ban Kruat (48km) – part 1/4


Today is such a day full of pictures and stories that I decided to cut it in 4 parts. This morning we started with an unexpected and short visit of an old temple. Then we cycled to Suphan Buri where we ate breakfast and visited a famous temple called Wat Palelai. The rest of the visit will be described in the coming posts.

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