Siem Reap, Angkor Wat, first quick visit


Today I’m having a quick tour in the Angkor park. Angkor Wat (temple) is one of the main attraction but there is a lot of other smaller temples all around the park. We can buy tickets from 5 to 7pm every day. I choose a “3 day pass” (40$) which will start tomorrow. Then I can go 3 days within a week. Now, I have two hours I can spend in the park for free except that I cannot enter inside the temples. That’s better then nothing :-)

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Wat Ban Nong Nuea > Wat Tha Pui (47km) > Dam (12km return)


Today we cycled only until midday but still did 47km :-) We done the first 20km until we reached a temple called Wat Phra Borommathat. After the visit we had breakfast and then continued travelling north. Then we kept on going until we arrived in Sam Ngao, a village very close to the Bhumibol artificial lake. In fact, in the 50’s the government started the construction of the Bhumibol Dam, named after the King. They needed 6 years to build it and another 6 years to fill it! Once we got to temple of the village, after a hot rest, we cycled and visit that famous dam. The way to reach it is far to be flat. That’s the most hilly place I’ve been to in Thailand until now.

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Wat Khlong Nam Khem > Phraphut Kiti Sirichai (52km)


Today we cycled mostly along the coast. The beaches are much more clean than what we have seen previously. The presence of many resorts explains largely and easily why. Today, we took a new resolution for 2016, we will try to take more pictures of ourselves and the bicycles. I used to do that in New Zealand but I think it faded away, a bit. I want to improve that cycling feeling when reading or watching these pictures. We finished the end of this day by visiting a huge Buddhist temple. So nice that we came back at night to get some special shots. Except that my camera did not catch much what we have seen and enjoyed tonight. That’s frustrating!

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Phetkasem road > Krabi area (52km, 3h)


Today we are going to reach Krabi and visit a temple positioned onto the summit of a rock. The temple is called “Tiger Cave temple”. The name comes from the tiger paw prints that a monk found here. Actually, we never seen that cave… Only the summit and the sunset. After that, we kept cycling towards Ao Nang beach which is the place from where we can visit different islands around. My 10$ budget will be hardly respected.

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