Siem Reap, Angkor Wat, first quick visit


Today I’m having a quick tour in the Angkor park. Angkor Wat (temple) is one of the main attraction but there is a lot of other smaller temples all around the park. We can buy tickets from 5 to 7pm every day. I choose a “3 day pass” (40$) which will start tomorrow. Then I can go 3 days within a week. Now, I have two hours I can spend in the park for free except that I cannot enter inside the temples. That’s better then nothing :-)



First I didn’t know that at 5pm or 5:30pm the temples are already close. I tried to get inside the Angkor temple but the guards did not allow me. Now I understand why those two hours are free. Well, that’s okay, I can still plan my trip for tomorrow.


The actual main big Angkor temple is surrounded by water and forest. So, yeah, it’s over there, hidden somewhere :-)


I’m now cycling around the “pool” trying to see the main entrance. Oooh, we can see on bit of the temple there.


Half way from the previous entrance to the main one. This road goes straight back down to Siem Reap city center.


Ah, I can see it :-)


That’s the main Angkor wat entrance, the one I will avoid tomorrow morning because there is usually hundreds of people early morning waiting for the sunrise. If the weather is like today, I’m not going to wake up early…


Most of the people are coming out now. The visit is closed for today. I’ve got few more minutes front of me.


That’s as close as I can go today. Never mind, I will be back tomorrow.


This is the way out to the main car park but I don’t need to go there. I’m cycling back to Siem Reap now. That’s it for today :-)

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  1. Si ça ne te dérange pas, je vais éviter de regarder tes futures photos du temple célèbre. Je me garde la surprise pour le mois prochain ….

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