Vieng Kham > Houai Ngam (96km)


Aaah finally! Finally an easy day! The day started with rain but I enjoyed a long down hill. I didn’t expect that last hill coming but apart that the ride was much easier than the past two weeks. I needed that, my legs needed that :-) I’ve ended sleeping in a valley where the weather we’re more pleasant.

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Keo Leuk > Phonsavan (99km)


Finally, I’ve reached my first goal, Phonsavan! This morning I wasn’t sure if I would make it but I knew Stephane was there and was going to move very soon. Fortunately, a long downhill helped a lot! It gave me the motivation to keep going. For the first time since I left Luang Namtha, I’ve seen a valley. I think the worse is behind me now.

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Nam Nga > Nong Khiaw (79km)


Today I’ve reached one of the famous place in Laos, Nong Khiaw. Due to the big hills around, this place is well known for its peacefulness and treks which I won’t do because of shortage of days. Since I’ve started cycling in Laos, this portion of the road is one of the easiest one I’ve done. The road today was completely new. I’ve seen the workers painting the lines on it. I’ve done a 20km downhill from approximately 1300m high down to 350m! Finally, I arrived in Nong Khiaw earlier than usually and could rest a bit more.

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Ban Saeo > Thailand border (47km) > Laos border (3km by bus) > Roadhouse (53km)


Big day today, I’ve done much more kilometres than expected. This morning, I’ve covered the 47km that separated me to the border. I had one gentle hill few kilometres after I started and then all the way was flat. Then, I went directly towards the immigration office. I realised that my visa ended on the 4th so I had to pay 500baht (about 13€) for this extra day. I’ve read online that for one day the immigration would let me go but that was not the case today. That’s my fault, I should I checked more carefully. Another surprise is they did not let me cycle on the bridge. I had to catch a bus and pay for that… Finally I arrived on the other side of the Mekong, organised my VOA (Visa On Arrival) and started my journey through the mountains in Laos :-)

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