Vientiane > Ban Hai (80km)


Finally, I’ve spent much more time in Vientiane than I thought I would. I didn’t visit at all. The few times I’ve been around the city was to get some cash, find a cheap place where to eat or just look for some specific shops. Everything in this city was a bit expensive compared to the country side. Once, I found THE nice and cheap restaurant, I came back their minimum once a day. They had local, Thai and western food so I could change everyday. That was nice :-) After each lunch, I came back to the guesthouse and worked on my laptop until very late at night. I thought many times about going out to take some pictures but I did not see any particular places. Everything was “okay”. It was a break on cycling AND a break for not taking pictures. I was very late on my blog too (like I am now) so I needed to catch up on that. Anyway, I’m leaving this morning, after nearly 3 weeks spent in a windowless small square room or on this terrace. I’m back on the road! The next step is Bangkok (again) where I will pick up my fixed GPS and apply for my Cambodian Visa. Let’s go!

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Taothane > Vientiane (50km)


Another big step in Laos! Few, I’ve made it! We had only 50km to do and arrived in the capital around 1pm. When cycling I covered myself completely because at this time, the sun was hits very hard. Few days ago, I’ve found a mask along the road. I cleaned it of course, even several times. It became very useful against the sunlight and the traffic pollution. I just wanted to arrive here and rest, really rest. That’s why we cycled until 1pm which I don’t do usually. Now, no more cycling for a while :-) At least without the 35kg I’m carrying all day long.

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Houai Ngam > Taothane (93km)


That’s quite a long trip today but that’s normal because the road is not that hard anymore. And Today, I met Bright, a Chinese guy who is cycling from Chengdu (China) to somewhere :-) He doesn’t really know. He has a simple mountain bike and a backpack, that’s it. Late this morning, as I was going very slowly up hill, Bright arrived next to me. Both of us are going to Vientiane so if I can follow him or if he as the patience to wait for me, we will make it together towards the capital city. Let’s see :-)

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Vieng Kham > Houai Ngam (96km)


Aaah finally! Finally an easy day! The day started with rain but I enjoyed a long down hill. I didn’t expect that last hill coming but apart that the ride was much easier than the past two weeks. I needed that, my legs needed that :-) I’ve ended sleeping in a valley where the weather we’re more pleasant.

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