Nam Nga > Nong Khiaw (79km)


Today I’ve reached one of the famous place in Laos, Nong Khiaw. Due to the big hills around, this place is well known for its peacefulness and treks which I won’t do because of shortage of days. Since I’ve started cycling in Laos, this portion of the road is one of the easiest one I’ve done. The road today was completely new. I’ve seen the workers painting the lines on it. I’ve done a 20km downhill from approximately 1300m high down to 350m! Finally, I arrived in Nong Khiaw earlier than usually and could rest a bit more.





The last night was great. No rain, nobody came to me. Only the trucks woke me up this morning but it was around 5:30, the time when I wake up. I packed everything and started my day trip. Around 7:30am, I stopped along the road to have some breakfast. A tiny shop was selling some fluffy biscuits and I made myself a chocolate with water. The kids around came closer and watched me eating my breakfast. Then I’ve seen a guy with a huge weapon on his back coming around. I don’t know what he is doing with that ?! Is he hunting animals? I doubt.


I’m continuing cycling onto that perfect road which is very progressive and easy to climb.


That’s a big female this one. She doesn’t like me to take picture of her. Stop moving please!


That’s something I don’t have the answer for, yet. Why in Laos some cars don’t have any licence plate? First I thought there were new cars but later on, I’ve seen more and more cars like this, some new ones and older ones. Strange…


That is called “living in the heart of the forest”, almost…


I always filter my water on the way and don’t need to buy this kind of mini water bottle. And I didn’t! A chinese man driving a car, slowed down next to me and through it to me. 15 seconds later it was empty.


The summit is not far away. Come on!


Few! That’s it. Normally, I should have reached the top now. The best is coming.


Hey :)


A little further, there is a local market.


I expect to find some bananas and other stuff to complete my breakfast.


The downhill is not for now yet. I still have some little climb to pass and then I will be fine.


Looks good from here.


The road is not even finished here. The sealing is still black or very dark. You know this road is knew. My guess is that road heads to China on one side and to the Capital of Laos on the other. The traffic must be kind of intense. For now, nobody here.


Wow! That’s what I call a long downhill coming :-)


How far this is going?


I’ve nearly reached the main next city (Pak Mong) from where I will have to make a decision. In fact, I have just enough time to cycle all the way to Phonsavan and then come down to Vientiane OR from that intersection I will turn down south and will get through Luang Prabang and then Vientiane. That second way is much shorter but is that more interesting?


I’ve finally chosen the longest (and certainly the hardest) way. From today, I must cycle minimum 70 km per day to reach Vientiane on time. You can see the big difference with the road. Actually, when I got to that T junction and decided to go straight, the nice road turned right towards Luang Prablang when this road looked like this haha. Not a big deal, but I feel the difference. It’sss veRy BuMpy NoW :-).


But look, I’m away from the main road and can enjoy cycling across small places.


Those platforms reminds me Thailand :-)


Since few minutes now, I keep seeing those bamboo panels. It seems that they dry something on it. Let’s have a closer look.


Sesame seeds!


Yes that’s it :-) I wish I would see the people collecting them to discover the whole process. Maybe later…


Laos is not the richest on the planet obviously but not everyone lives in poverty. This family has a house more than just good!


The road goes on. It’s getting hot now but I want to arrive in Nong Khiaw as early as I can. I cannot stay for more than one night so I need to take advantage of it now.


Wow! I hope this roads goes around or between those mountains because I will be in trouble soon then :-)


I haven’t see many temple since I’m in Laos and this one looks very much like the most common ones in Thailand.


Rice fields.


Everytime I get closer or overtake children with bicycles, they try to catch me again. They are young and full of energy but that’s not enough to bit me ahahah. Sorry guys, you must trained a bit more.


Nong Khiaw is not too far now and the road is mostly flat.


30 minutes sooner, this place was packed with young students! I was looking for a nice spot where to cook my lunch and found that place. There was maybe 50 young teenagers here. I thought: “well, they will certainly be curious to see how a traveller like me cook his lunch”. So that’s what I did. I unpack my stuff and let the boys and girls surrounded me. They were commenting every tiny things I was doing. “Ho, a tomato’. ‘Ho! a knife’. ‘Ho, a cucumber!’ They also laugh at me for a reason I cannot understand but they seem to be happy watching me cooking my basic lunch. Suddenly, the school bell must have rung because everyone disappeared and I’ve finished my meal in a very quiet place like it is now :-)


On the left side, there is tourist bungalow but that’s not for me anymore. I’ve found my spot for tonight already :-)


I’m having a look around. Tomorrow, I will be going this way.


That’s where I come from.


That’s the other side of the bridge.


On the other side of the bridge there is even more backpackers, guesthouses and restaurants but basically that’s all. Let’s come back.


That’s the spot I’ve found for tonight. Few metres away behind me, there is a petrol station to take a shower later on. It’s next to the road but I’m sure I will be fine.


Now I’ve got some free time and no eyes staring at me, I can work a bit on my blog. See you tomorrow for more adventure :-)

2 thoughts on “Nam Nga > Nong Khiaw (79km)

  1. No number plates ?!!! Interesting.
    The lonely house on the hill… tough to live there.
    I can imagine curious teenagers around you, makes me smile :-)

  2. D’accord avec Yoko, la maison sur la colline … faut la foi ! En attendant la photo est intéressante.
    As tu vu des voitures AVEC des plaques d’immat’ ou aucune n’en n’ont ?
    Dommage on ne voit pas comment tu as accroché ton hamac dans ton dernier lieu de villégiature !

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