Wat Thanmikaram Municipal School > Pran Buri beach (91km)


This area is full of adventurous cyclists. Today we have seen 7 of them! Yes, seven! We did not stop to talk with all of them but we met those two guys, Manon and Eddie from France who have just started from Bangkok. It was just time for lunch so we spent some time together. Then, this afternoon, we kept on going until we reached Pran Buri where we had an appointment with Sebastien, a Stephane’s friend from France who lives in Thailand since more than 10 years. He his a photographer too :-)

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Port Douglas > Mossman (36km, 1h50)

Today is going to be a surprising day but I don’t know it yet. Yesterday in Port Douglas, several people I met told me to not sleep in Mossman. There is plenty of aboriginal people and they usually fight against each other. It’s not safe and there is nothing special to do in this town. Well, I’m always listening carefully what tell me the people I meet but I like to see and judge with my own eyes. And I’m still hesitated to go to Cooktown as well. The road seems difficult. On the over hand I would like to visit Daintree. From there we can visit the rainforest and maybe see crocodiles! :-) So, at least I can go to Daintree, I must pass through Mossman, and then I will decide if I start my loop back or if I push to Cooktown riding by Cape Tribulation.

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somewhere > Port Douglas (18km, 1h05)

I was finally only 15 km to Port Douglas and I arrived here soon. This is the first place where I could expect to find a job so I went straight to a internet café and I printed some CV. Then I tried some hotel and restaurant but they don’t need anybody. I think fruit picking is easier to find because they want people with experience here. Bah! No problem, I will try somewhere else.

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