Ban Hai > Phonsa-at (91km)


Easy day today but a bit the same all along the way. I did not take much pictures. The sky stayed covered all day but I didn’t get much rain, that was good. I just kept cycling and cycling. Nothing special happened from what I remember. Only two pictures for today.





The original plan was to go to Savannakhet to apply for a 2 months Visa for Thailand but I changed my mind when I discovered that there is the friend bridge n°3 just before Thakhek. If the landscape is going to be the same all this way down, maybe I can accelerate a bit and get in Thailand sooner. I didn’t find any embassy in Thakhek but 1 month VOA (Visa On Arrival) will be enough to cycle in Bangkok and then Cambodia. I must hurry up a bit because with my actual pace, I will arrive in Japan in the middle of winter and I’m not sure it would be good.

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  1. I am glad to finally hear you are going to Japan… I will be working in Japan for a week sometime in November.. Let’s meet if we can !!! I will be close to Osaka.. More info when I know…. Cheers..

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