Palm Tree Forest > Amazon Cafe (13km)


This is where I slept last night, in the middle of palm trees. I had a bit of rain but nothing to worry about really. Not any dogs bothered me so, actually, everything was fine. This morning, I’ve cycled only few kilometres to reach the next amazon cafe and even slept at the back of the petrol station. Nothing exciting.

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Bangkok > Luang Phaeng Road (53km)


Bangkok = rain, that’s true! Since I came in yesterday it doesn’t stop raining. And that’s not drizzle that are refreshing, it’s pouring rain! Anyway, the mission of today is: ONE, get my cambodian visa. TWO, pick up a parcel at the Nana post office. THREE, pick up my new GPS! I nearly forgot this one! FOUR, if TWO is doable today, I leave Bangkok tonight! If TWO isn’t doable, I will have to wait until tomorrow or even Monday which will be painful. Fingers cross!

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Bang Pa-in > Nonthaburi (49km)


Aie aie aie, that’s it… I’m heading to the anthill, the traffic jam, the pollution, the noise, all the things I like :-) If it wasn’t to pick up my new GPS I would be cycling through Cambodia right now. But that’s the way it is. I will survive as always. Actually, tonight, I’ve found a great spot in the heart of the messy city of Nonthaburi. As I was looking for a public park where to stay for the night and keep a connection with nature, I ended up between concrete walls in an apocalyptic landscape. What a good place where to stay :-) That’s adventure!

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Mittraphap Road > Kaeng Khoi (66km)


I could have had a nice sleep last night… Bloody dogs! This morning I’ve started a bit earlier than normally to make sure nobody would see me so this night was even shorter. I was only 10km away from my next stop so the morning ride was really short as well. Later this afternoon, I’ve done more than 50km as I was going mainly downhill. I arrived at Kaeng Khoi and found a spot in a large bare field where people organise a market.

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