Bang Pa-in > Nonthaburi (49km)


Aie aie aie, that’s it… I’m heading to the anthill, the traffic jam, the pollution, the noise, all the things I like :-) If it wasn’t to pick up my new GPS I would be cycling through Cambodia right now. But that’s the way it is. I will survive as always. Actually, tonight, I’ve found a great spot in the heart of the messy city of Nonthaburi. As I was looking for a public park where to stay for the night and keep a connection with nature, I ended up between concrete walls in an apocalyptic landscape. What a good place where to stay :-) That’s adventure!





Like I said yesterday: one shed + one tree = one 5 stars hotel :-) Simple and so comfortable.
This Warbonnet Ridgerunner hammock (a bit of advertisement for a great company) is super comfortable.


I’m sure you won’t find out where I’m going to spend most of my time today. I was in South America of course! Right in the center of the Amazon ;-) They have good cafés over there you should check it out :-)

Elon Musk said recently “we are already cyborgs“. He must be right :-) Look at this family! They communicate through face-your-book right now haha.


Time for lunch! I found a local, cheap restaurant with nice people just outside the petrol station.


I was here this morning for breakfast so the owner might be happy to see me again :-)


Not much client here! Quiet, perfect :-) ahah


I’m leaving the jungle ;-)


I’m not sure but I think a storm might hit very soon :-)


I’ve done only few kilometres when the rain started. I never know how bad it’s going to evolve so first I wait, I judge and then I decide if I keep going or not.


Well, it’s not too bad, let’s go.


Mmmm! The nice traffic. Mmmm, the nice smell of pure polluted air :-)


I stopped along the road to have some dinner: 60baht (against 30-35 normally) for a fried rice, what?! I’m pretty sure I paid the “westerner” price. Every time I forget to ask for the price first rah! Anyway, I kept cycling until the next public park I could find on Maps. Unfortunately it was closed. Nearby, there is a Decathlon shop where I want to buy a new raincover for my backpack so I looked for a place where to sleep in the same area.

I got very lucky this time. Being in the city I thought I would struggle a lot more. The first street where I turned off was the right one. There was an empty field with lots of junk on the ground. In one corner, an old and half destroyed tiny building (I wouldn’t say a house) was still standing. It looked like they were going to build a new building very soon. The surroundings were quite apocalyptic too but all I need is two poles or trees where I can hook my hammock on. This is where I realised that this hotel had more stars than I thought at the first look :-) On the right hand side, there was what I thought was a tiny shed first but in fact that was actually a pair of toilets with built in shower. All new! Important detail: the water was working :-) That’s more useful isn’t it? What a luck :-) Once I managed to set up my camp, I enjoyed a shower and slept clean. One day I might find a jacuzzi though ;-) Cheers!

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