Surat Thani > Wat Suwan Thararam (78km)


Today we managed to stay off the highway during the whole day, thanks to google maps. Since we got to Thailand we have seen lots of cyclist on the road. The funny thing is that lots of them have a mountain bike, very clean, very new because they seem to ride only on the road. At least they look more sporty than Indonesian or Malaysian. At a certain time, we ended cycling on tiny roads, passing through small villages with cute little train station and other large forest of rubber and palm oil trees. BIG news today, my hammock got fixed! I hope it will last!

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Surat Thani, trying to fix hammock


I did not go very far today because I expected to find a place where to fix my hammock. This is my second attempt. Yesterday it did not work at all and today I was not lucky too. People here don’t want to help. I don’t understand why.I will have to sleep on the ground again for few more day as long as I don’t find any better solution. Later this afternoon I met Stephane again. He came back from the lake and said it was wonderful. Maybe I should have visit the place but I was to angry to visit anything.

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Ampang, new filter


Normally, we should have been gone this morning but I had an issue. I had to replace the filter of my Katadyn mini (the cap attached to the ceramic cylinder broke). I could not find any shop in KL where I could buy a replacement part so I looked online and discover this one : the Sawyer mini water filter. The brand is American (again! Everytime I find a good product today it’s coming from the U.S.). This product was cheaper than a new ceramic filter from Katadyn. It’s much lighter, easier to use, much more compact and can filter more 300.000 litres! Thanks a life time!

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Kuta, new hammock setup


Tonight I’m gonna sleep in my new Ridge Runner Hammock made by Warbonnet. I’ve set it up in Cecile’s garden between two palm trees. They are a bit “soft” and hope won’t fall down on me during the night. This is a called a bridge hammock as there is two spread bar on both ends. From the research I’ve made it’s more comfortable than a “banana shape” hammock and and let us enjoy the view when we are inside. 

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