Ampang, new filter


Normally, we should have been gone this morning but I had an issue. I had to replace the filter of my Katadyn mini (the cap attached to the ceramic cylinder broke). I could not find any shop in KL where I could buy a replacement part so I looked online and discover this one : the Sawyer mini water filter. The brand is American (again! Everytime I find a good product today it’s coming from the U.S.). This product was cheaper than a new ceramic filter from Katadyn. It’s much lighter, easier to use, much more compact and can filter more 300.000 litres! Thanks a life time!


I looked online this morning and quickly realise the advantages of this new kind of filter. On the way to Batu cave (next post) I stopped at an outdoor shop and bought the last one they had in stock for 136 Ringgit. Lucky! The filter come with a soft plastic pouch that I’m not sure I will use because it’s very small. The fact that we can simply screw it on any bottle is much more handy for me.


There is also a straw to drink directly from a water source using the filter of course. Finally the siringe is used to clean the filter by pushing clean water from the opposite way. Pretty simple use :-) I’ve sent back my Katadyn filter to France, bye! I’m 200g lighter now, cool!

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  1. Tu leur as renvoyé l’ancien filtre pour t’en débarrasser ou pour qu’ils le réparent ? C’est juste au cas où je recevrais un nouveau paquet pour toi à la maison !!!

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