Tudongkasatan > Wat Ko Tamyae (60km)


What is that? A Pile of gold? Nope that’s a temple :-) Today we have visited only one place early morning. A part that, we cycled on the smallest roads as possible. The temperature rose certainly above the 40°C around midday. It became very hard to cycle and even to rest. The break time was too hot as we did not find a very good place.

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Salok Bat > Tudongkasatan (84km)


I’ve just realised how come we have done that much kilometres today. I did not take much pictures and the wind pushed us ;-) After two days of rest we are back on the saddle for the second part of our trip to Chiang Mai. This morning, we left Salok Bat and June behind. Kondhin cycled with us for about 10km. He said he felt good. He used to be a monk for many years and used to walk a lot around the country. He walks more than 20.000km! So today, he feels that same way, the adventure :-) Early this morning we came across a music school lesson and listened to traditional (loud) music for a moment. Then we kept on going until we stopped for lunch and a rest. Later this afternoon we pushed forward until we reach the temple for the night.

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Salok Bat, visiting monkeys and bats with June


I’ve never seen that much monkeys concentrated at the same place. As planned, around 4pm, we cycled towards those spiky mountains we have seen two days ago with Pita. Kondhin chose the highway to get there. The place is not really far from Salok Bat. after the “monkey show” we watch the bat’s parade and finally came back “home”.

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Salok Bat, visiting June’s rice field


One day off was good but a second one is better :-) In fact, yesterday we have done nothing (except the dishes ;-). Today we were guided by Kondhin and visited different places like his rice fields and property in general. During late afternoon, we will go to see the bats and the monkeys. That will be in the second coming post.

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