Salok Bat, visiting June’s rice field


One day off was good but a second one is better :-) In fact, yesterday we have done nothing (except the dishes ;-). Today we were guided by Kondhin and visited different places like his rice fields and property in general. During late afternoon, we will go to see the bats and the monkeys. That will be in the second coming post.

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Tanah rata > Ipoh south (89km, 4h50)


Today we are going to reach Ipoh which means downhill all the way! In real life, this is not true as we have spent the first two hours cycling big up and downs. That was even harder than the long (and steady) climb yesterday. Overall, we knew that, at some point, the downhill we were looking for would come and it did :-) And that was nice! Let’s have a look…

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Woolgoolga > Grafton (return), a day trip with Pauline and John


John proposed me one time to have a day trip to show me the country side around Woolgoolga. This time came and it’s today :-) We started by visiting the huge Costa farm named also as Berry Exchange. This is the biggest berry farm in the south hemisphere and it’s gonna be soon the biggest in the world because the company bought rescently more land to continue developing the business. Then we went to Grafton, where I have been already, to have a nice fish n’ chips. Finally we came back to Woolgoolga too close our loop. Let’s start the visit now :-)

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