Kom and Tu’s house, day off


We discussed yesterday with Kom and Tu and they want to show me around. My Thai visa ends on the 5th of April  so I’m still able to make it on time. Today we went to a waterfall. I think water attractions are the best during this very dry season. The kids enjoy a lot! We have spent several hours here and then came back to their home where I played with the kids to different games.

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Chiang Mai, Royal Park Rajapruek


Today we visited the Royal Park Rajapruek. It has several different areas like a garden, a “district” with different cultures represented by their building construction (like India, Japan, Cambodia, Bhutan, and others). This one was my favourite and represents Bhutan. It has very nice style and colours. Of course, the main attraction is the Royal temple (I don’t know if I can call it like this). Anyway, let’s start the visit :-)

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Ban Na Pong-Pak Kong, day off


Yesterday evening we decided to have a day off today. I thought this spot was going to be quiet. Actually it was! until 4am… when the bloody roosters shout every 10 seconds. There is dozen of them in the area so they compete against each other. “I’m the best”. “No, I’m the one!”. Rah, Shut up! I wish I had the slingshot from last time with me. The worse is, as soon as the sun appears (when I cannot really sleep anymore), they stop suddenly, rah! Then, soon after the chicken shut up, a group of people arrived here and sat around the table for breakfast I imagine. They work in the courtyard at the back. If I knew that, I would have hesitated sleeping here… Why is that so hard to find a peaceful place? Anyway, we spent the day doing nothing particular. I tried to do a bit my blog, fixing some of my clothes, the daily stuff though :-) Tomorrow we are going to climb a huuuge mountain! We must be ready :-)

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Salok Bat, visiting June’s rice field


One day off was good but a second one is better :-) In fact, yesterday we have done nothing (except the dishes ;-). Today we were guided by Kondhin and visited different places like his rice fields and property in general. During late afternoon, we will go to see the bats and the monkeys. That will be in the second coming post.

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Wat Tanod Luang, Second bloggy day off and temple visit


We feel good here and we don’t spend too much money. We meet the same people every day and try to communicate with body language. Even some monk came to us being interested on our camping gear. Over than that, not too much things are happening today. We just stick on our laptop. It’s very windy here. Lot’s of sand is flying around so I’ve found a good protection. A sarang :-) Very effective but very hot in here.

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