Ban Na Pong-Pak Kong, day off


Yesterday evening we decided to have a day off today. I thought this spot was going to be quiet. Actually it was! until 4am… when the bloody roosters shout every 10 seconds. There is dozen of them in the area so they compete against each other. “I’m the best”. “No, I’m the one!”. Rah, Shut up! I wish I had the slingshot from last time with me. The worse is, as soon as the sun appears (when I cannot really sleep anymore), they stop suddenly, rah! Then, soon after the chicken shut up, a group of people arrived here and sat around the table for breakfast I imagine. They work in the courtyard at the back. If I knew that, I would have hesitated sleeping here… Why is that so hard to find a peaceful place? Anyway, we spent the day doing nothing particular. I tried to do a bit my blog, fixing some of my clothes, the daily stuff though :-) Tomorrow we are going to climb a huuuge mountain! We must be ready :-)


That’s my suspended bed :-) There is no mosquitos here which makes sleeping very pleasant without the net.


This is where the group of workers had breakfast early this morning.


There is few dogs around but they are harmless (for once).


For lunchtime we had to cook again. We came back to the little shop where that woman sells lots of veggies, drinks and other stuff (her shop is on the right hand side, outside the frame). What we see here is her house. We chose what we wanted to cook and then the owner offered us to cook for us.


So we came in her place.


The kitchen is situated at the back of her house. It’s on a balcony with the view onto the garden. That little shed is where they keep the rice.


We chopped everything and gave it to the chef.


I’ve got nothing to do now. I feel a bit useless but I’ve got no idea what she needs. Once she finished her different preparations she asked me to taste the sauce. Well, I don’t have much experience in Thai cuisine. How do I know if it’s good or not without any reference? I don’t… Anyway, it tasted good enough to me but I prefer to trust the chef. Everything she made was nice. Thank you for your help :-)

The rest of the afternoon lets itself going until we went to sleep, prepared mentally for the tomorrow’s morning climb. This mountain range looks like tremendous when I’m talking about it but really it’s not. It’s just because it’s the first one. After more than 1 months cycling on flat road these 17km hilly road make a change. We will make it, no worries :-) Good night.

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