Singapore > ferry (15km) > Pengerang > Sungai Rengit, Malaysia (53km)


Finally, after more than a month spent in Singapore, I’m leaving the place and not by myself :-) Kate, Pee Ta and Arjan decided to follow the same road as me. We cycled first at the top of the Changi airport to catch a ferry back to Malaysia. Once on the other side we travelled along the east coast until the next twon where we found a Chinese temple where to sleep. The adventure continues!

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Singapore, East Coast to North Singapore, Thai Temple


Second day spent with the Thai cyclists. During their trip they rely a lot on temples. Thailand has a lot of them apparently. They provide free food and accommodation for anyone. Singapore has its lot of temples too. Tonight we will sleep in one of them. This is going to be my first time. This afternoon the temple surroundings were occupied by huge tents and other installations. Hundreds of Chineses were here for the celebration. Again, for the first time I’m enjoying a festival like this one. Lots of discoveries today :-)

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Singapore, visit guided by Hong with Arjan, Kate and Pee Ta


This morning, I was packing my hammock when three guys walked towards me to ask some questions. I realised only few minutes later that they were cyclists too. In fact yesterday night when I came back on the beach, I’ve seen bicycles loaded with bags but I thought it was those guys who live here. It was dark so I could not see clearly. Straight away they invited me to follow them around. I’ve met one of their Singaporean friend called Hong. Lot’s of surprises today!

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Singapore, Chinese mid-Autumn festival mooncake


Everything is in the title but you can have more information on that Wikipedia page :-) I’ve met Dave again today as we do minimum once per week (we must take a picture before I leave Singapore!). We first had lunch at the same food centre next the Marine Parade. Then we walk around the place and finally had a coconut at his place. Dave always wants to buy me something. Today, I did not let him spend his money for me so he gave me one of those mooncake. I’ve never eat something like this before. There is four major chinese festival during the year and the mid-autumn one is one of them. In that case, people offer a mooncake to their family or friends. It’s a famous delicacies and it’s sometimes hard to find because it sold out quickly. Lucky me! I can test one :-) Thanks Dave!

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