Si Dong Yen > Ban Suk Ruthai (74km)


Wow, I don’t know what happened today. I felt I was in Singapore again. The haze was very thick, I saw lots of people wearing masks. Today the road was much easier than yesterday certainly because I’ve stayed on the main road which is in the valley. This evening I wanted to sleep under the roof of a huge open hangar but the woman I asked the permission to offered me a room with a bed for the night. Thanks!

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Tambon Mae Pang > Si Dong Yen (61km)


This time I found what I was expecting being a proper and real road in northern Thailand. On this picture, I’ve push my bike from bottom to top. In that case I prefer to save the belt of my bicycle than pushing so hard on the pedals and shorten its life just to say “I’ve done this”. I had to tackle several steep hills today and walked many times too but the landscapes were different than what I’ve seen until now in Thailand. I have no regret suffering a bit to enjoy more.

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Chiang Mai > Tambon Mae Pang (96km)


Last step towards Laos. In few days I will be cycling across the Mekong. I repeat myself I know, but I’m still waiting for these famous hills situated on the north of Thailand where I’m now. Effectively, today was definitely not flat but that’s because I chose purposely a little road that goes through the hills (see the map). I could have been straight to the north an avoid that but it would not be interesting. I don’t like when it too easy ;-)

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Chiang Mai, Royal Park Rajapruek


Today we visited the Royal Park Rajapruek. It has several different areas like a garden, a “district” with different cultures represented by their building construction (like India, Japan, Cambodia, Bhutan, and others). This one was my favourite and represents Bhutan. It has very nice style and colours. Of course, the main attraction is the Royal temple (I don’t know if I can call it like this). Anyway, let’s start the visit :-)

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Lao Yao > Chiang Mai (73km)


Today we finally reached Chiang Mai after 21 days cycling. We have done 51 km per day in average and stopped 3 days on the way. For this last day, we joined the Ping river again and followed it until the entrance of the city. The landscape did not change very much today. In fact, we avoid one more time the big roads which leads to the centre. Ours did the same but the road was nearly trafficless.

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