Road n°3036 > Wat Khun Krai (68km)


That’s a crunchy, fresh and healthy day today ;-) I would not say organic though (unfortunately), so maybe it’s not that healthy… Well, it doesn’t matter because I’m talking about travelling, not food. Hey hey hey, wait a minute. Food is important too! With bad food and bad luck (like the nice night I’ve spent in that temple vomiting everywhere) you can not travel anymore. So, healthy food + good cycling = nice travel. This is the magic trick :-) Ok, ok let’s start the visit…

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Nakhon Pathom > Road n°3036 (30km)


Today we are only two people cycling, Pita and myself. Kate and Grandin accelerated towards Bangkok where they have an appointment. We did not cycling much today because we have visited two places: the Sanam Chandra Palace built by King Rama VI and Phra Pathom Chedi the first and biggest pagoda built in Thailand. A slow and interesting day :-) I told Pita we would travel around 50km per day but today we have been quite lazy haha. That compensates the long distance we have done yesterday :-)

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