Where I am now

Hey, I’m Damien, from France. I’ve been touring since June 2012. The original plan was to stay and cycle around New Zealand for one year, which I did and really enjoyed. We are now in 2019 and I’ve been living more than 3 years in Cambodia. From February 20th, I’ll be back on the road again, finally! I will keep heading towards Japan, cycling through Vietnam, China, Taiwan and Korea. Nothing is truly planned (which is the best by the way) so I could change my mind anytime! I don’t know. Welcome to this journey. Feel free to ask any questions. Cheers! Dam.


23422 8km (Siem Reap)

  • + ~8000km (commuting until Siem Reap Aug)
    • New Zealand 450km
    • Australia ~3500km
    • Indonesia ~200km
    • Malaysia ~600km
    • Singapore ~400km
    • Thailand ~300km
    • Laos ~100km
    • Cambodia ~2500km
  • +4392km (car, Miri)
  • +4904km (bus, Lao bridge 3 back to Thailand)
  • +302km (train, Ampang 62, Rachaburi Bangkok return 240)
  • +597km (Ferry to Thailand)
  • +29149km (plane, KL to Borneo return)

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