Marine National Park > road 415 (75km)


Not very much happened today. We cycled for 90% of the time on the same road as we did few days ago when we came to Phuket. That’s only during the last 10 kilometres that we got on a different road. Mostly we cycled against the wind. It was not so strong but annoying enough. Around 6pm we looked for a temple where to sleep. The only one we’ve found seemed to be a school. We did not see anybody to speak to so we carried on.

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Patong beach temple > Marine National Park (52km)


I’ve talked several times about them now. I met them the first time in Australia, Darwin. Then we met again in Singapore. Finally we see each other again for the third time in Thailand, Phuket. Yes, they are Nicole, José and Jean-Louis :-) (Jean Louis is not here today but he will be back tomorrow). Since the last 7 months, we bump to each other at different places. They are sailing, I’m pedalling around the world. This time we take a different route. They continue west but I’m going north-east. We never know, maybe one day, we will see each other again :-) I’m very happy to have seen you again. Bon voyage!

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Patong beach temple, day off


That’s another day off today. We overslept a bit this morning as this temple is so quiet. Then we moved out until night time to see how Patong lives during the moon hours. The prices here are super extra high! An everyday drink cost about 30-50 baht in Thailand. Here, once you get inside one of those night clubs (and I love them…) The price rises to 900baht!!! What?!!! Fortunately the concurrency is very high so we could divide the price by 3 but the choice of drink shrinked a lot too. Well, that’s a touristy place…

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Patak road > Patong beach temple (12km)


We did not do much cycling today. We stayed again in one of those expensive bloody Starbucks to update our blog. We only left the place towards Patong beach late this afternoon. This is one of our shortest trip, 12km haha :-) This one is called Karon beach and it’s not as “cute” as the Krabi’s beaches. Anyway, let’s cover those few kilometres and see how looks one of the most famous touristy destination in Thailand.

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Wat Dittatharam temple > Mu Ban Khalita (Phuket peninsula) (88km)


Last night was quite good in the Buddhist temple except I’ve forgot that monks wake up very VERY early each morning. At 4:30, the prayer started and last maybe one hour. At 6am when we woke up, we saw monks walking out of the temple to collect food for the day. When we left the place, the monks were not back yet but we could say “Kapunkaaap” to a woman who were sweeping the ground. The biggest surprise of the day was, very hard to guess, elephants! Soon after we had breakfast, we saw an elephant and it’s “owner” walking on the side of the road. There is a place called “Sangtawan safari” nearby. I imagine these elephants are accompanied outside daily to have something to eat and maybe to do some little work once a while. Today we did enter in the Phuket peninsula for real and saw even more elephants used for tourist trekking. Finally, we finished the day by camping next to the beach in a cemetery.

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