Patong beach temple, day off


That’s another day off today. We overslept a bit this morning as this temple is so quiet. Then we moved out until night time to see how Patong lives during the moon hours. The prices here are super extra high! An everyday drink cost about 30-50 baht in Thailand. Here, once you get inside one of those night clubs (and I love them…) The price rises to 900baht!!! What?!!! Fortunately the concurrency is very high so we could divide the price by 3 but the choice of drink shrinked a lot too. Well, that’s a touristy place…


Let’s come back in time, in that peaceful Buddhist temple…


… where chicken, …


… dogs, …


… and cats live in harmony :-) They don’t really “play” together but at least they don’t eat each other :-)


The trees brings, shades and freshness.


This is where we are camping, just under that tree. We can leave everything here there is no problem, it’s safe.


Not much to see here a part the beach, the shopping mall and night life. That’s a Tuk-Tuk, a very modern one. It doesnt have 3 wheels anymore but four like any other car. It’s just a tiny van and people sit on its back. The Tuk-Tuk here (like Krabi) are even more special because they have a huge sound system with neon…


… that change colours! haha. Boom, boom, boom, let’s go to party! (Without me).


It’s hard to take some clear shots here (even harder with a phone). It’s all saturated with people, colours and movements.


The tiger pub.


Some other bars have groups playing live music like their neighbours and the one on the opposite side of the street. haha.


Not much pictures today. This place is just crazy. I’ve seen some documentary about Phuket before (I think) and this is completely different from what I remember. Anyway, this is Phuket.

3 thoughts on “Patong beach temple, day off

  1. The temple where you slept looks very comfortable and clean.
    Marco probably love the vibe of the street, he went to a party for last 2 nights.(It’s NOT school holiday now.)

  2. Did I see it wrong? You love the night clubs? Thought you don’t like them! The tiger club just reminds me of wondering around that area and try to find a clinic because my wounds got really bad infection.

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