Ban Lat Kachoe > Somdet (70km)


Today I’ve done the biggest hill of my trip to Bangkok. After this hill the road will be quite easy normally. Last night a storm came by but fortunately I didn’t find myself in the center of it, just few rain showers. Once I’ve done that “super hill” (which is an easy climb) I enjoyed a long downhill following by a flat road. I arrived at the next Amazon Café this morning and stayed until 6pm. Finally, I’ve found a temple less than 2km away and slept in the garden.

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Kusuman > Ban Lat Kachoe (56km)


Aie! The return of the hills! I was still okay without haha :-) But that’s fine, it was far to be the Loas style so I survived ;-) Not much interesting thing on the way today. I didn’t take much pictures neither. I was just focused on the hill. Should I do it tonight or smash it tomorrow morning? Actually if I would have done another 40km today, I would get across to hills, the second being the highest. So I’ve decided to climb the first one this evening, sleep somewhere around a village and do the second part tomorrow morning by fresh temperature. That sounds like a good compromise :-)

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Ban Phongpheng > Kusuman (Thailand) (71km + 3km by bus)


After nearly 2 months spent in Laos (my idea was to stay there only one month at the beginning) I’m back in Thailand for 28 days max, the length of the free VOA (Visa On Arrival). Most of the day, the road was flat and easy but I know some hills are coming soon. That’s a pretty easy day. I feel I came back to civilisation today. Laos was good, and Thailand is different.

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