James Mackay camp site > Perry saddle camp site (24km, 4h30)


Yesterday afternoon, something like 12 riders arrived to the hut. They certainly came directly from Kohaihai. They are going to the same way as me and they left at 8:00am because they will finish the track today. So they do it in 2 days only but they are much lighter than me. That’s a different way :-) It rained almost all the night. We are lucky, now it’s fine but cold! 5.6°! Brr! I have to move fast! Normally today should be easier than yesterday and the first day.

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Hector > Kohaihai DOC camp site (75km, 4h35)

Well, that’s the day to make a choice between to different ways. My first idea was to come back to Picton and miss the north west part of south island. I could go from Nelson, visit and cone back but with more time. So, I chose the second way, much harder, certainly more beautiful and with that way I will visit all the north west area. I’m going to do the Heaphy track. I’ve booked yesterday and I’m going to follow the west coast until the end of the sealed road. After that point, it will be hard and wonderful :-)

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