James Mackay camp site > Perry saddle camp site (24km, 4h30)


Yesterday afternoon, something like 12 riders arrived to the hut. They certainly came directly from Kohaihai. They are going to the same way as me and they left at 8:00am because they will finish the track today. So they do it in 2 days only but they are much lighter than me. That’s a different way :-) It rained almost all the night. We are lucky, now it’s fine but cold! 5.6°! Brr! I have to move fast! Normally today should be easier than yesterday and the first day.



Early morning video

Wouhaaa, we couldn’t see the view yesterday afternoon. It’s nice :-)

I’m ready to go I think.

That’s the hut of the guardian. This track is one of the great walk of new Zealand, it’s more expensive and I think there is always somebody there.

As the guardian told me, the track is rocky until Saxon hut. After it’s smooth and large. Hmmm, I would like to see that because since the beginning I’m walking and walking…

Downhill video

The sun is coming :-) quick quick!

Fiou! The first part wasn’t enjoyable but it looks like it s getting better. Saxon hut is not so far maybe.

Yep I’m not happy because…

… my shoes are wet and dirty, …

… my bike is full of sand and gravel and…

… my trailer is not good as well!

But the hut is here!

That’s the one so I’ve done 12km.

After a short break, I’ve cleaned my bike. There was a hose, this is good :-)
I’m ready to continue!

Nice valley :-)

And the track is quite better but still rocky most of the time.

The same valley again.


Rah! This bridge! I had two choices : cross the river or use the swing bridge. The river was too deep so I chose the bridge but I had to pass in several times because it’s too fin. So, the bike, then the guitar and the tires, then the big yellow bag and finally the trailer empty… It took me 20 minutes maybe.

5 minutes later, the same thing! But this time I chose the river because it was smaller. Again, I’ve separated everything, took off my shoes. Haaa! That was cold!

I’m continuing going up hill.

Gouland downs hut, perfect time for the lunch :-)

Book, I don’t like that.

Okay, I’m full and ready to continue again.


I’m not far from the Perry saddle, I feel this.


Let’s continue.

Hiii Haaa! I’ve done it!

Tomorrow it will be downhill most of the time and I will have done the Heaphy track! See ya :-)

2 thoughts on “James Mackay camp site > Perry saddle camp site (24km, 4h30)

  1. OH là là, quel courage, et quelle aventure ! Je suppose que tant que tu es dedans tu ne t’en rends pas compte mais plus tard …
    Si tu veux on l’écrira tous les deux le livre pour ton copain allemand ! Lol.

  2. A mon avis, les gens n’ont pas eu comme toi, le courage de nettoyer leurs chaussures, ils les ont abandonnées ! Lol

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