Perry saddle camp site > Pakawau (76km, 5h45)

This night the most freezing night I’ve ever had in NZ. When I turned on my GPS before going the temperature was 3,5°!! I didn’t take any picture of the Perry saddle hut yesterday and I couldn’t do it this morning. After finishing to pack my gears my fingers was frozen! Even the tent was icy! Brrr! But anyway, today is my last day in Kahurangi National park and the Heaphy track so tonight I will have reached my goal! :-)


Map. from the end of the track to Pakawau.


I’ve started the track by a short up hill (again) and now it’s only going down, down and downhill. It’s the most easier part of the track and I’m glad to doing it on that way.

No, it’s not the track but a kind of viewpoint ;-)

It’s still rocky but much less than the other days.

Let’s continue. No more videos today, my battery’s camera is empty…

Nature beak time :-)

This is a good lookout :-)

I’ve got small problems with my trailer because of the vibrations caused by the rocky ground. I’m paying attention and take the time.

I’m quite dirty and a shower should be a good thing…

My poor gloves…

The other hand is better but since I bought them in Paris, I used them everyday.

And I’m continue toward my goal. I can see the valley and I shouldn’t be too far away to the end.

I’m close!

The last hut!

And that was the last bridge.

Youhouuuu! I made it :-)

It’s 11:30am and I take the time to eat a bit. At the beginning I’ve booked this place but finally I changed my mind and booked the campsite of perry saddle. It was too long for one day. Now it’s good because I have all the afternoon to reach a city and buy some food.

30 minutes later, I’m ready again! Bye bye the Heaphy track and thanks for the shortcut :-)

The weather is still nice. I’ve never had rain during the last week maybe. It rained at night but each day was okay. Lucky!

Gravel road. It’s so easy now if a compare with the Heaphy track. I didn’t take so much pictures but it’s was rough, really rough.

The valley is now behind me. This morning, I was somewhere onto one of those mountains.

Weka, yes! This is the name of this annoying bird! And I’ve even took a picture when I was in Invercargill, in the zoo. I remember now :-)

Oh ooh :-) after 34km I’m arriving to…

Collingwood :-)

I thought it was bigger.

The main street.

I bought something good, it’s?

Fat, yes…

A fish n’ ships! Hmmm!

Rah! Just when I sit down the sun stop shining…

It’s just there!

I’ve got my fat dose now :-) I’ve clean my bike and changed my tires. Now I’m going toward the top of the top of south island. I’m in the golden bay :-)

I like already this place :-)

And this big cloud!

It’s changing every second.

Roh, so nice! I’m riding a bit more and then I will must find a place for the night. I will reach to top tomorrow morning. See ya!

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  1. Je crois que tu peux manger un peu de gras Damien, ça ne te fera pas trop de mal! Au moins tu auras quelque énergie à brûler ! Lol

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