Heaphy camp site > James Mackay camp site (20km, 3h45)

This morning I’m awake at 7:00. I want to be sure I will all the day to ride up to the hill. I’ve got 8km of “flat” and then 12km to reach the James Mackay hut. If I pass this today, I will be happy :-) I’m going to do it, no worries!



There lost of bridges on this track.

After 8km, I’ve Arrived to Lewis hut. Now I’ve got 12km up hill… I’m a bit scared.

Rah! That bloody bird again!they are everywhere!

Yes, this one. It always turning around like a spy. And this night thy came onte my bike, my tent, always looking for something to eat. Yesterday I’ve let my rubbish bag in the open shelter with some other things. Suddenly I heard a noise. The bird was stealing my bag! They annoying me!

Why that? I don’t know…

Video of that strange annoying bird, the Weka! They walk like a chicken. For me it’s a mixed between a chicken, a duck and a kiwi.

I’m getting high but it’s not the summit yet.

I was too occupied to ride/walk/push my bike up hill. This track is so rocky but I think it’s easier than yesterday. I’ve seen some others riders today but all of them are going the opposite way. Is it easier? I do not know…

I did it! Heuuu, where is the grass to pitch my tent?

PFF! Finally!

Hey, like this :-) it’s a platform, the first time I’m on a place like this.

I’ve got some place so I use it. Everybody is going to stay in the hut and there is other platforms around.

Yesterday, I’ve repaired my tent. It’s much better then before :-)

My installation ;-)

The view is not crazy from here…

The James Mackay hut! Humm, the roof of James Mackay hut…

The sun disappeared and the rain is coming. It’s only 1:30pm and I’ve got some work to do : clean myself and the bike/trailer before the rain.

Finally, I’ve just finished the things I wanted to do when the rain started. Now, I spending my time in my small tent until tomorrow. See ya!

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  1. Ces plateformes sont faites pour planter une tente ? C’est bizarre tout de même! Et c’est pas trop dur pour dormir ?

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