Kohaihai DOC camp site > Heaphy camp site (16km, 3h30)

As people told me, it’s raining now… I’m waiting until the weather gets better and I hope it will. I have only 16km and I think, I can do it in 2 hours maybe. So, I can wait, that’s OK.



12:40pm, it stopped raining since 1 hour. I’ve prepared my bike and I’m now ready to ride. I know already all the information of this panel. Thanks :-)

Bad picture… Heavy hut (where I am going) 5 hours! Yes but I will be certainly faster.

After the 5 first minutes, there is already a bridge. I like crossing bridge but it’s not easy with the trailer…

A lookout. It’s raining again…

Another bridge. This forest is marvellous.

Riding in the forest.

During all this day I will be along the sea.

Along the coast.

Fiou! It’s not easy! I’ve pushed my bike so many times already because I want to take care of my chain.

And there is so many ways with sand. It’s crispy under my feet and I know it’s really bad for the chain.

Big palm trees!

The ground is rough, really rough. It’s hard to meet the balance and I must carry the trailer often because sometimes it’s too narrow to turned with it. Hard job, hard day,p but it’s my choice and I’m going to ride this track until the end! Ho yes!

Hey, the sun is coming back :-) That’s hard but the landscape is so nice!

And a bridge again.

Swing bridge.

The contrast between the sunny beach and the dark background is whouaou!

Haaa, I’ve seen a panel and the hut is not too far away now.

Almost arrived.

Yep, this is the place.


And the campsite.

Hmmm, so nice to eat something!

Video of a bird flying like a butterfly.

If I have a look to the level of the track, today was an easy day. Hmm hmm, OK… The track is narrow, hilly, rocky and slippery. I take care of everything around me but it’s hard! I knew that for sure but it’s hard! I lost my plastic bottle on the way. It was on my trailer and certainly jumped off. I didn’t like crossing the beaches. My bike was full of sand but fortunately I found a hose here and I’ve clean it. I’ve cleaned the chain as well. Then I took a “shower”. Was cold but I’m fresh now :-) I hope tomorrow the weather will be fine! Good night!

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