Westport > Hector (43km, 2h05)

Today, I’ve got some things to do in the city and then I will move toward the north like everyday since Dene and Sally’s home in Riverton.



I had a good night in that park but I was a bit afroad to be find… There is a main road on the right hand side behind the building and I could see the cars from my tent. But nothing append :-)

Just, there is a dog behind this fence, approximately in the middle of the picture and it barks if I do so much noise. I was afroad yesterday night that its master could come but the dog was barking on the other side of the house as well.

After packing my stuff, I cleaned very carefully my bike, put some new grease and check the trailer as well, the pressure of the tires, fork and rear suspension. I want to be ready for the Heaphy track because it’s not an easy way.

After that, I went to the library update my blog, I’m serious now :-) and check my emails. I’ve got 2 problems :

  1. I sent my “Optimus Nova +” cooker for nothing. I thought there was a technical problem but not. The staff didn’t understand my query and tell me to send the cooker back… Now, nobody wants to give me my money back, the price I paid to send the packet. They said it’s not their fault. PFF!
  2. My NZ insurance. I’ve been to the dentist 1 month ago now so I asked to my assurance to get part of my money back, normal. And today, I received a email which said “you didn’t subscribe to our insurance”. Why did I pay 400€ for?! It’s really annoying!

So, after those troubles and some new emails sent, I’m back on the road. It’s already 3:30pm so I’ve got 2 hours only before the sunset.

And I start with a black and white picture :-). I never been in America but this kind of place certainly exit there :-) no?

Infinite railway.

Hey, my friend the railway :-). Maybe I will find a good square of grass next to you for tonight ;-)

I’m now in Granity, a small, long and nice village front of the Tasman sea.

That’s a colourful little house…

… lost in the jungle :-)

This on is lost, I’ve quit Granity and even pass Hector and this house has a perfect view of…

… the sunset! And it’s a wooonderful one today!

And I’be just found a nice place for tonight.

I can admire the sunset until the end.

Good evening!

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