How to fix a leather handle


Here we go. I will explain quickly how I fixed a leather handle (the brand is Lekker in my case) in case someone would have the same problem. What you need is some new thread, a special leather tool (Well it can be use for thick material in general) and patience. Let’s repair this!


First, I took of the piece of leather, get rid of the old thread and cut about one centimetre of the material to be able to tense it again. Without this tool, it would be nearly impossible. A Monk from Thailand I met in Singapore gave me this one when he saw me fixing my clothes and tyre by myself.

Basically, you pierce first, hook the thread and pull back on the other side of the materiel. Make sure the thread is long enough to be able to still pull it when you reach the end.


Here how it looks when the thread is loose.


And that’s the result :-) I made a node, will cut the thread short and burn the two ends. Easy :-)

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