somewhere > Port Douglas (18km, 1h05)

I was finally only 15 km to Port Douglas and I arrived here soon. This is the first place where I could expect to find a job so I went straight to a internet cafĂ© and I printed some CV. Then I tried some hotel and restaurant but they don’t need anybody. I think fruit picking is easier to find because they want people with experience here. Bah! No problem, I will try somewhere else.


In Port Douglas, backpackers and campsite are expensive : something like 30$ per night. It’s not for me. The bush or the park are my friends :-)
This afternoon after my short job research I had another puncture! This is the second one in what? One week! It’s not fair! I was repairing my tire when an Australian guy from Victoria came and we chat maybe one hour. He asked me many questions about my bike and of course I had all the answers :-) After one year it’s easy haha :-) What a shame, I even don’t know his name… later, he came back again because I was still in the same place and we chat again :-) I’m learning more and more about Australia and it’s a good way like this. Aussie people are nice :-) This time I’ve lost something again … it’s the red cap of my front wheel. I put it on the ground and never found it again. Disappeared! I search maybe 30 minutes but it’s gone! Rah!
So, about this picture. I’ve started talking about the expensive campsites and then I got lost in my mind. Yes, so, here people are allowed to sleep with their Van or caravan. I’m surprised! Their is a panel “no camping” further but not here so people sleep here for free. I’m not sure I could pitch my tent here but I have already found a place for tonight. I’m eating and waiting for the dark. See ya!