Cairns > somewhere (56km, 2h50)

After spending 6 night in the Reef backpacker I’m going to make a loop for one week, something like that. There is quite a few things to visit around and it should be perfect if I could find a job as well! I will ask along my trip :-)


The dry season is definitively not wet. Not any single drop of water touched the ground since I’m here. I met some guys in the hostel and I’m going to join them to Palm Cove for a while. It’s on my way. Then I will continue heading north towards Port Douglas.

I do not feel anymore in NZ. There is palm trees everywhere!

After 25km (I done it in one hour :-) I’m almost to Palm Cove. There is beautiful houses all around and too much sun to take good pictures…

Look this one :-)

I’m next to the beach now :-) A along that street there is hotel and restaurant AND tourists of course.


Hey it’s nice here :-) and it’s winter haha. The temperature rose up to 32° when I was cycling.

I had a good time there and didn’t dare to take a picture with us… I’m now riding along the coast and onto this lookout a paraglider is waiting for the wind. It’s not strong enough and doesn’t look to improve.

Still waiting…

I didn’t cycle too much today but I’m already tired. Maybe I could pitch my tent other there. Hmm, it’s too close to the sea I think and there is crocodile in this area. Maybe, it’s not the best idea…

I’ve stopped to the last place and the first thing I’ve seen was a panel with “no camping + crocodiles”. So I made a reasonable choice and I continued my way :-) This landscape is nice and I like the trees with the roots outside.

Few kilometres after the crocodiles beach I found along the road a roll of toilet paper haha. It was new and I just needed one. Perfect timing :-)
Then, few minutes later, I found a good spot to spend my first night outside :-) There was a street turning left in a really small district. There is like 8 houses only and at the end of this street the last land is not sold yet. The grass is short and I’m higher that the see level. I’m safe here. One thing, the ground is really dry and it’s hard to pitch the tent. It’s almost 6 pm and I’m going to sleep now, I’m so tired…

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  1. Allons bon, je vois que tu vis de plus en plus dangereusement! J’avoue que ça ne me plait guère, mais que puis-je y faire hein !! Que veux tu Dam’ une mère reste une mère, mais pour un grand fils de 30 balais. Tu parles de serpents, de mygales et de crocodiles, c’est normal que je tremble non ??

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