Cairns, Reef backpacker hostel

Oooh, this was a long break, I was in blog holiday haha :-) those last days I didn’t do something special. I’m organising my next trip. Australia is so big! I received today my credit card and I’m now waiting for my similar card. But I will come back in Cairns later to get it because I don’t want to stay here and pay a backpacker everyday. I’m leaving up north tomorrow morning. I will make a loop. It looks small on my map but I’m sure it’s like all the north land of NZ haha crazy! On my way I will try to find a job as well. I need a job!
Every morning when I go out and see this wonderful blue sky and feel the 26° degrees in the air I’m happy. It’s sooo cool. I’ve fixed my bike today in a cycle shop next to the hostel. It.was just a check-up to fix some parts. Now I’m ready to ride on crocodiles!

That the room where I’m sleeping. People are nice but don’t expect to sleep one entirely night it’s simply not possible. Bah, I don’t care.

I was able to put my trailer and bike inside. It’s good because the first day a guy told me that Cairns is safe during the day but don’t get lost at night because some aboriginal are not nice. I don’t like to think something like this but I’ve heard already few stories about them. They are angry about the system and I can understand that. But what to do? :-\

This is the main entrance. Toilets and showers on the left side. English Pool on the back. Kitchen on the left side. About the pool there was three big holes and some other small everywhere on the carpet so I decided to repair it :-) I’m so kind I know ;-) it’s my manner to integrate myself somewhere where I know somebody. I start by doing something good for the community and in exchange they respect me and it’s easier for me to enter in the group.

The kitchen. Almost everything is broken here… there is two oven but nothing is working… there is one fork and one glass for 30 people haha! And there is so many French people here! But so many! I want to speak English guys! :-) the first days I couldn’t speak to them. I wanted them thinking I’m from Germany or other country but I’m not good enough and they discover my identity the second day rah! ;-)

The main “lounge” from the other side.

I’m trying to prepared my plan but it’s a bit difficult. I will be more prepared after my first “small” loop. I need turn learn again how to live in this country.

Pff, why am I looking sad? I’m not! I must change that!

I’m lazy because I’m taking pictures from where I’m sitting…. bah! I do what I want no? It’s my blog doesn’t it? ;-) tomorrow FIRST day trip in OZ cool!

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  1. C’est sûr,t’as pas une tête d’allemand ! Mets des lentilles bleues et teins toi en blondinet … peut-être ça marchera! lol !

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