Cairns, another look around

I’m going to stay 6 night in the Reef Backpacker because I must organised my papers. So I’m not going to cycle too much or at least around the city just to have a look and learn like : where can I buy chocolate and coca cola? Where are the public toilet? haha :-) Where is the bank? Where are the bicycle shops? (Very important) Where is the post office? It’s funny because I can feel sometimes like I’m in NZ but every brand or names are new. I need time to get the translation. This place is a part of the esplanade where I came yesterday but on the other side of Cairns.

On continuing along the port but I hitting the end soon.

This is an administration building.

On my way back to the city centre I’ve seen a huge mall. I’m now inside. This is not the best thing I should visit I know but I want to check the prices. Generally I think it’s less expensive here than here in New Zealand. Every kiwi told me that it’s the opposite because they think about using NZD.

Whouaaa nice ;-) Far west Lego!

Rah! France is everywhere!

And New Zealand following me as well :-)

Even Star wars Lego, nice :-)

This mall is huge! Endless! Modern.

Then I came out again and came back on the esplanade to find good place and right my diary. I beside a playground and like NZ children are lucky here. It looks fun :-)

On the background there is the Cairns international airport and like yesterday people can walk along the beach and enjoy the warm dry season of north Australia!

One thought on “Cairns, another look around

  1. Eh bien je vois que l’enfance marque dis donc !! Toujours intéressé par les Legos ! Tu sais, il y en a plein dans mon grenier ! Je te les garde, c’est promis ! Lol. Quant au TGV, il faudrait qu’ils se mettent à la page les Danois, il y a bien longtemps qu’ils ne sont plus orange nos trains !!

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