Port Douglas, day off

The place I found yesterday was a good one. Some bird made noise during the night when they walked on the dead crunchy leafs but I prefer that than crocodiles ;-) I’m going to spend a day in Port Douglas because I didn’t wake as early as I wanted and I didn’t visit very well yesterday. As everyday since I arrived in OZ the sky is blue and the temperature warm, nice :-)

This is the place and the view from where I slept last night. I’m in a huge park and found “cul de sac” so nobody passed next to me this morning.

Yes, my tent is still alive :-)

Ouuuh why do I take picture right after to be awake? Bad idea and bad face.

I’ve pack all my stuff fastly to come back to the same place as yesterday and have my breakfast front of this wonderful landscape.

Hey, there is a market there so we should be Sunday :-)

There is lots if people here and so many things to buy. I’ve been serious and I bought only a glass of fresh sugar can juice + lemon and a nice bracelet, total : 6$ :-D

Let’s have a look around Port Douglas now.

It’s green everywhere and there is so much palm trees.

In the main street there is plenty of shops and this one is interesting but there is nothing small I can buy and I don’t want to buy anything at all so it’s perfect.

The main street.

Nice car, the yellow one of course.

Another colourful shop.

Even hotel wears freindly bright colours.

Port Douglas is situated at the end of a peninsula but the far end is inhabited by a big hill. There is certainly a good view from there. Let’s go.

There is here some bloody big and wonderful houses!

And nice flowers as well :-)

I found a lookout and the view is great but…

… if I dezoom … it should be forbidden to build a house front if a lookout!  In few month they will must delete the indication panels.

I’m coming back from the lookout towards the city centre again.

I discovered a short path witch bring me to a tiny light house.

There is still some beautiful houses around…

… with a splendid view like this one.

Bamboo with nice colours.

I’ve never seen bamboo like those ones I think.

Hey, there is another spot next to the sea. This tree is gigantic!

This place looks great to have a rest and to eat something.

Yes nice :-)

Wouhaaa so big!

There is some free BBQ in this garden so I could fried some slice of sausages to vary a bit my daily meal. It we good :-D Now I’m just relaxing and chatting with some Australian interested by my set-up :-) it’s cool and I’m still improving my English. Australian speak fast but I understand better than 5 years ago.

This is a nice place :-)

I’ve spent all the rest of the afternoon on the same garden. Sleeping, playing guitar, reading. Then I came back to the BBQ to reheat my meal again and fry more sausages slices. I met four women from Denmark. There are studying in Melbourne and have now two weeks of holidays. We ate together and chat until 9:30 pm. Then I came back to the pack and pitched my tent in exactly the same good spot. That was a good day :-)

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