Tha Khao Plueak > Kom and Tu’s house (17km)


An unexpected day today. This morning I left my spot at the same time as every day. I’ve done the first 17km and stopped for a break. This is when I met first two young girls who came to me. They could not speak English so their father joined them. Five minutes later, I was at his home where I met his wife, brother, father and most of the members of his family even friends. We spent the rest of the day together.





Back to this morning, I’m cycling slowly between the hills. I will have a break soon I think. I need to eat something.


This is about 4 hours after I met Kom, his wife Tu and the rest of his family. They live in Bangkok most of the time and they come here one month per year. He builds his little house here. When they come, neighbours and family members let them their kids before they go to work. Kom and Tu have to occupied the kids, if not they get bored.


That’s why we are going to the river :-)


There is dedicated platforms to rest and protect ourselves from the sun. There is also a tiny restaurant on the beach. You can drink, eat and swim.


Naturally the kids love it!


Kom (on the right side), Tu (with the hat) and their “extended” family.

They invited me to have dinner with them. Tonight I will setup my hammock in their property. That’s nice :-)

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