Adelaide, day off, kayaking with Joy and Graham


Joy and Graham have a group of friends with who they organise some kayaking two to three times per month. This place is well known for its dolphins. We have been really lucky today because we have seen maybe 8! Two of them jumped front of us! They were completely out of the water!


Graham set up yesterday night the kayak and the canoe on the top of the car. He built a clever system which hold them on the ceiling of this garage. The system uses pulley and ropes to facilitate the positioning.


We just arrived to …


Soon we will be kayaking :-)


Like this :-)


Unfortunately Joy is not with us. They have not enough kayak for everyone. We are now paddling towards the gas power station which runs the city of Adelaide and maybe more.

Short Film.


The sky is covered and we should get some few showers if we are not lucky.


We are now paddling along a marina and until now we did not see any dolphins. Ho we’ve seen maybe three or four before we started but they were too far away.


I wish I had a boat like this one day and know how to “drive” it :-)


Graham and on of their friend. I don’t remember all the names has we were 10 today. Shame on me.


Graham uses a small engine on his canoe because he has a weak arm. He fell of his bicycle (remind me someone else ;-)


Another member of the team with her original (for me) kayak :-)


And we continue our trip towards the power station and against the wind.


More water.


One of the team bring some lollies to keep energy during the trip. Good idea :-)


Hello :-)


She has a canoe with a glass on the bottom so she can see through when the water is clear enough. This is nice.


More water and canoe again.


And again.


After more than an hour spent on the water we are coming back. Joy is waiting for us. I could not get any picture of the dolphins we have seen today but I have them on video. I will upload it as soon as I can.


This is time for the picnic :-)


This is a real buffet, not a simple picnic!


Later on the after, we went with Joy and Graham only seeing one of their son. He is actually doing kitesurfing, an activity he loves and do every day in summer! What a great day! Thanks Joy, Thanks Graham!

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  1. The place we put the kayaks in was Garden Island and the water way was Angus Inlet, and it is an official Dolphin Sanctuary. It was great having Damien home and talk about his wonderful adventure. I’m envious

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