Adelaide, day off, visiting with Joy and Graham


I arrived yesterday in “Parafield Gardens” where I’ve met again Joy and Graham who invited me at there place for a day or two. Today we are out for visit around the non-touristy places of Adelaide. The rain is gone and it’s better like this. Enjoy the ride :-)


This boat has been bring back in Australia from England to be restored but the government did not do much work in two years and it has been coasted already 2 millions dollars (if I remember correctly what Graham told me). The City of Adelaide (Wikipedia source) was a sailing ship of 280 tons, built in Jersey, which carried emigrants from England to Adelaide, South Australia.


We are now driving on the north west of Adelaide. This is the main industrial port where, I guess, South Australia import and export its goods.


There is big car parks around this area and a lot of cars waiting to be use. It’s scary.


This place is the top beginning of 30km (miles?) of beach down to Adelaide and certainly even further.


The beach starts just behind that rock line over there.


This marina is quite recent and normally packed in summer time with so many car and their trailer.


We are now driving down the coast line.


At this time of the year there is no one in the water apart the kite surfers :-)


One of Joy and Graham’s son is a kite surfer and told them that, these days, there’s a lot of seaweed in the water. Effectively there is! and not only IN the water.


We just had a drink around. This is place is the most touristic place we’ve been visited today. This little train is even operating on low season.


Unfortunately I don’t remember the name of this place. It’s an artificial lake which used to be a swamp. The city organise different events like races. Adelaide is a city definitely connected to the water from what I can see today :-) We have quickly passed through the city centre but I did not have the chance to get any nice shots. Today is Anzac day and tonight there is an sport event in the stadium so it was difficult to park in the city. That’s it for today :-)

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  1. Graham et Joy t’ont-ils dit le nom du vieux bateau ? Ça m’intéresserait de le savoir ! Je t’ai parlé de ce bouquin que j’ai lu à propos des allées et venues entre l’Angleterre et l’Australie pour y amener des bagnards et toute la petite racaille londonienne au 18ème siècle. C’était sur des bateaux comme celui là. Peut-être un de ceux de mon livre ???

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