Lake Hayes > around Wanaka (62km, 4h25)

It’s 10am and I’m ready to go. There is two ways to go to Wanaka from here. One long and easy. Another one short and steep. I prefer the shortest one it’s more funny :-) let’s go!



Good bye lake Hayes. This time I won’t come back.

Left : hard level, right : beginner.

That’s the first part of the hill with many switch back.

A switch back is that.

Easy :-) fffffiou!

First step done! The couple who take the picture for me gave some chocolate for the rest. Thanks guys!

Good panorama from here.

Lake Hayes is still there!

Now, we can see Queenstown :-)

Ah, it’s getting serious now.

I’ve planed to arrive at midday and it’s 12:00. Precision!

I’ve started from around 300m 2 hours ago.

Really nice view!

Yep :-)

I’m now on a track to get an higher picture and not just stopping to the carpark and go down like this.

That’s windy here and I must pedal if I want to go forward. It’s annoying!

After a long boring ride I’m finally to Wanaka. Going up was much interesting today.

I’ve heard that Wanaka is Queenstown but smaller.

The lake Wanaka.

When I see something like this I think about … William of course! :-)

I’ve just stop to buy some food and I’m going out of the city to find a place for tonight. And it’s Sunday so nothing is open…

I’m on a king of peninsula, in a national park. It’s much quiet but so windy.

Rah! There is more houses here! I must continue.

Sun rays again.

Autumn nature colours :-)

A small house.

It’s very very clean here.

How to find a good spot :-)

So, I am installed :-)

An those bushes are a good shelter against the wind. My tent is safe.

I’ve got a nice view from my garden.

My guitar lesson starts now!

Fiou! I’m so good today!

Aïe! See ya..