Around Wanaka > kids bush (42km, 3h30)

I’ve got a nice day today, it’s just a bit too windy… But nice. I’ve quit Wanaka lake and I’m now cycling along the lake Hawea. There is many lakes in this area, I Like that :-) But since this morning I’ve got a strange noise on my bike. I changed my chain but too late. The old one is already too long and the new one doesn’t match with my used cassette and chainrings… So I put back the old chain and I will continue like this as far as possible. I will have to change everything soon maybe or in Auckland if I pay really attention. I will!



Video part 01!

Video part 02!

That’s a good place to have a break and think about it.

Good view.

Yeah :-)

I stopped before the hill that will bring me to the lake Wanaka again tomorrow. And because it’s windy, I should be protected here. There is a DOC campsite at 6km on this gravel road but I’m lazy so…

I’m going to sleep in that field with cow shits all around. Good experience hey?

Yes I’m lazy and happy :-)

Good night.

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