Kids bush > somewhere (77km, 5h50)

Hey, after to have slept under a bridge, next to a railway, now I’m gonna test the shit! Nice isn’t it? I don’t know yet but today I’m going to met somebody I know :-) An artist! Crazy! But let’s start from the beginning…



Oooh! The sun is coming, I must hurry up!

The but on my brooks saddle I’ve passed “the neck” and now I’m cycling along the lake Wanaka again. The road is nice and fresh :-)

Postcard picture :-)

“To the infinite and beyond” (buzz l’éclair),

I’m going to ride inside the freshly bushy forest.

Hummm, why not.

OK, a river. And the pool?

Ah, OK.

That’s just a river! The blue colour come from the glacier.

Good place but disappointed by the blue pool.

Let’s continue toward the Haast pass. There is three pass to cross the south island by the Alps and that’s the easiest one.

That’s done! I look so old on that picture!

There is a track with a lookout. I wan to see that before going down.


I come from that part.

On the top!

And… The west coast!


Hu?! J-me? Yes! It’s you! What a surprise! And here! Cool! :-)

This draw was made by Chih-chi :-) I’ve seen her in Queenstown. Everything is connected.

Yes, it’s a car for an artist :-)

J-me :-)

Unfortunately, we were going on the opposite way… J-me wants to go to Wanaka and me on the west coast. That was a great surprise!

Come one sun, wait for me.

I’m doing my best but I want to find a good place.

Quick quick!

Evening ride.

I hesitated to continue a bit more but this place is perfect for me. And nobody can see me from the road. Good night :-)

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  1. Hi Damien! very beautiful scenery, having a good day ha! Sometimes photos are very deceiving, don’t worry getting old one day you get there, when you reach there ‘ EMBRACE IT’:-]

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